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    Order of updating Agent, VSE and ePO?


      Hi, we are on VSE8.7i and Agent 3.6 and ePO 4. I would like to update to the most current versions but am unsure which to update first. Also do I need to do any intermediate updates of the Agent or ePO? Can I do the user software - VSE and Agent - at one time or is it better to do them on separate days?


      clients are XP, server is 2003


      thank you

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          Oh, and the server has sql express 2005, sp2

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            We leveraged a support call and double checked with an SE our sales contact chased down for us for specific advice.   I'd suggest doing the same.


            But I have a vague recollection we did epo first (4.5 much nicer than 4.0), then agent,  then you'll work on whatever patch level you want to get to on 8.7.  Patch 5 is the latest and seems to work pretty well.      IMO, VSE 8.8 isn't yet ready for prime time.

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              Theres really no set way of what to install/upgrade first.


              For ePO. It depends on what you have installed before you want to upgrade. Lets say you have ePO 4.0 build 1113 (patch2), you can upgrade to patch 7 just fine. To upgrade to ePO 4.5 you need to be on patch 3 or later, you cannot upgrade to ePO 4.6 unless ePO 4.0 patch 7 is installed and SQL Express is on Patch 3.

              (ALWAYS make backups of the DB and ePO folders!!! KB66616)


              The version of the agent you have installed is no longer supported so if you were to call in because a deployment task was unsuccessful via ePO, the first thing suggested is to upgrade the agent. The current version out there is McAfee Agent 4.5 Patch 3. (for Windows 2000 McAfee Agent 4.0 is the only supported version, it will faill with 4.5) Remember to check in the product as well as the extension


              For VSE Regis is correct, Patch 5 is available and does work well, you would just need to check in the patch along with any associated extensions. We also have VSE 8.8 out and works well also. Your choice.


              If you want to update all at one, i would recommend going at it day by day. Reasons behind it are the amount of time it will take to update and verify all the machines got the correct task and were successful. For ePO, i would reserve a day for that. Upgrading the DB is a lot longer than deploying a package.


              Hope all this helps


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                Thank you for the excellent advice. I checked today and we are on Agent 4 - forgot to check which patch. I'll definately take it slow. love the reminder to backup, it's easy to forget in the rush to get the updates organized and installed. I hope to get started next week. I'll let you know how it goes.