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    Is McAfee SaaS blocking my IE Favorites?

      I installed SaaS Endpoint Protection before I attempted to move my personal profile from Windows XP to Windows 7.  During the transfer, none of my Internet Explorer favorites were copied.  I tried to copy them manually into the Favorites folder in my profile, and no luck.  If I drag a shortcut/link into the Favorites folder, it stays for about 1 second then disappears.  No warnings, no errors.  I've checked all permissions within Win7, and I know that all the proper folders and registry strings are in place.  I can create new favorites from within IE, but with so many to restore, it would take a very long time to do it this way.


      Is there a setting in SaaS protecting the Favorites folder?  I could see why, since it is a method of hijacking a browser.  If it's a SaaS feature, how do I disable it, at least temporarily?


      My setup:

      McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection - Advanced

      Windows 7 64-bit, all updates and service packs applied

      Dell Precision M6500

      Intel Core i7 840QM


      Adam W.

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          Hi Adam,


          I have read your post.


          McAfee does not have any conflict with the favorites folder. Obviously McAfee SaaS will not block you from copying the IE favourites.  Hope the settings you are trying to move is from IE 8 to IE 9. I would like to recommend you to please get in touch with the Microsoft regarding this issue and they will be able to help you in this regard. 





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            the first thing to do is allways to disable anti-virus and firewall software. This is the first troubleshooting step. Then you will see immediately if the AV software is responsible or not. however in this case i have to agree with Ravi. In last 2 years of using Saas I have never seen or heard for issue where McAfee SaaS would not let you copy favorites.