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    splash screen and right click scan problem

      The splash screen of My Mcafee AV plus 2011, appear after 1 minute startup finished. The startup app only 4. And I extract fake av before splash screen appears, mcafee didn't detect it via RTP, after splash screen appear, mcafee detect it via RTP and mcafee's processes work well. and i want to scan some files via right click, but quickscan appear... why that can happen?? What's the solution?

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          Hi didialdi,

          Could you please let us know some of the below information regarding your McAfee programs & the PC;


          • What is the version of McAfee virus scan installed : Open Security center > Click on Navigation /About
          • Also the DAT version
          • What is the operating system ? (Win XP/Vista/7)
          • Are you getting any fake AV alerts on screen , can you provide us with the name for that.