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    Firewall Throughput

      I have a problem in choosing the required appliance depending on the network throughput. In the data sheet i read that we have appliances that ranges from 750 Mbps to 12 Gbps and when i choose the appliance i should find a match and that is okay. but i know that if all of the modules (IPS, antivirus, smartFilter......) are activated, this will cause a degredation in the firewall throughput. can anyone explain it to me? i want to know the amount of degredation?


      for example: if i have a network that will use  IPS, anti-virus, smartFilter, AppPrism, VPN from the firewall and the network throughput is 3 Gbps. now, I want to know if the appliance 510  satisfy the needs of this network regarding throughput ?




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          You should put your questions to a Sales person.  I believe they have detailed data sheets showing what sorts of degradation in performance each appliance will have in difference scenarios.  The downloadable Data Sheet for the firewall gives you some numbers also (under 'Threat Prevention' I believe).