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    BO:Writable BO: Heap

      Hi All.
      Every time when my start up my computer I'm receiving popup alert on desktop:
      C:\WINDOWS\system32\services exe: WS2_32.socket under Name column
      BO:Writable BO:Heap under Detected As column
      My computer has McAfee8.5i and Windows XP sp2 both in current date updated.
      How to fix that alert?
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          Since you have the corporate version of Virus Scan, I've moved your thread to the "Desktop and Server" forum where it should receive better responses for your "BO:Writable BO:Heap" error.

          The error is referring to a Buffer Overflow detection.. Question is,, which patch number are you using for VS 8.5i? We are currently on Patch #4 and I've not seen the error for users with that patch..

          If you disable the "Buffer Overflow Protection" from the VirusScan Console, does your computer work normally?

          Because it's a socket error, are you using a firewall of some type and if so, if you disable it does the error go away?

          Hope this helps.