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    Product Deployment Not Consistent

      I have installed EPO4.6 and have gotten all the setups done.  I have gotten it to deploy the McAfee Agents without any issues. I am having a hard time getting it to deploy the VSE8.8 software. I have gotten it to do it twice, but both times I had to fight it.

      This is what I did - Thanks to A-CAST for the simple directions.


      1. Click on Menu --> Policy --> Client Task Catalog

      2. Click on “New Task” at the bottomof screen

      3. For Task Types, select “Product Deployment” from the pull down menu

      4. For Task Name, call it whatever you like (i.e. – Install VSE 8.8)

      5. For Target Platforms, select “Windows” NOTE: This is checked already for you when creating the task

      6. For Products and components, Select VirusScan Enterprise from the pull down menu, for Action, select “Install”,for Language, select Language Neutral, for Branch, select Current  NOTE – Once you select VSE 8.8 therest will be filled in for you.

      7. For Options, check “Run at every policy enforcement (Windows Only)

      8. For Postpone Deployment, I leave unchecked…I wouldn’t want end users controlling when this would be deployed.

      9. Click Save


      This ends the Client Task creation step.  Now, go to 2nd Phase steps below:


      1. Click on Menu --> Systems --> Systems Tree

      2. Click on the group that your workstation is located in

      3. Select the “Assigned Client Tasks” tab, here you should see the Client Task created earlier (i.e. - Install VSE 8.8)

      4. Click Actions --> New Client Task Assignment

      5. For Task to Schedule, Product = VSE 8.8, Task Type = Product Deployment, Task Name = Install VSE 8.8

      6. Lock task inheritance is defaulted to Unlocked

      7 Tags, select which choice best fits your environment and what you’re trying to accomplish.

      8. Click Next

      9. Setup Schedule, click Next

      10. Click Save



      I did this and it installed on the client I selected.


      I selected 4 more clients that had the agents installe succesfully and update the schedule for a specific time, did a wake up of the agents, but nothing gets installed.

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          Attila Polinger



          ePo 4.5 had an issue that policies and tasks have not been performed by agents on Wndows 7 clients. This was because the Win7 platform code did not get in the database at install time. I'm not sure if with ePO 4.6 this platform code gets in the database, so I recommend you check your clients and see if the client when deployment was successful is or is not a Window 7 client and all the other failing ones are or are not Windows 7 clients.



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            What schedule have you defined for this task?

            If you select the option "Run at every product interval, you should set the task to the "Run immediately" schedule type.

            Depending on your policy enforcement interval defined in the agent policy, the task will run multiple times a day right after the policy enforcement.