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      For the last week in my task bar I have been seeing Mchlp32.exe. I first noticed it when I did a manual update check, but today it started running on its own. When you manually stop the process, update check still proceeds and down loads. I checked Google and on here and there is NO mention of this process on any site. Can someone tell me what this IS and if it's GOOD or BAD? Thank you...


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          I have noticed this also in the Mcafee firewall if you open mcafee 32-bit helper.I am guessing it is a new features with 2011???Perhaps someone will let us know.Also Mcafee UI host which I don`t remember in the past.

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            Hi Sleigh318,

            Are you getting any unknown pop ups alerts on screen ? I would recommend you to update your McAfee software and run a Full scan to find out more info on that process.

            Or probably, you can provide us with a screen shot of that particular icon to know more information on that .




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              I just noticed it In my other user account.Here are some images.



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                I forgot to add these.This process is also similar to the one in firewall here.




















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                  Hi Dinz,Also mine is not running in task manager.But I am logging off.I will be away for about 10 days or so.Can you let me know what I have to fix when I come back.   Thanks newjack


                  Win 7 64

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                    Hi Dinz, I will get that screen shot for you the next time I notice the process running. I have never gotten a popup on the screen other than the McAfee ones that tell you when a program wants Internet access or when they change due to an update. Nothing out of the ordinary. And I never thought to look on my McAfee Firewall page, will do that too. I have no idea what 32 bit and 64 bit means... not THAT technically advanced in the way my computer operates. Thank you to you both for responding! Will get that info to you asap, Sherri

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                      Dinz, any answers on this? I have also noticed a significant slow down in both browsers since new install.

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                          the first photo is from when I asked the program to manually update. The process stayed for a few minutes and then went away. THIS photo was  a few days ago, it came up on its own, and again stayed a few minutes and then went away. Sorry if I opened up a can of worms for you on this subject! I am not that TECH to know if it was a good process or something I should have worried about.

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