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    ePO 4.5 And HIPS 8 -  Dashboards


      Did anyone at McAfee actually test HIPS 8 in ePO 4.5?


      Not only do the default dashboards fors HIPS not work with HIPS 8 but also when you go in and add the 'HOST IPS' queries to the dashboards (these are the HIPS 8 ones, not HIPS 7) the results are all over the place!!


      Yesterday I rolled out more HIPS 8 clients and although my own query for 'HIPS all versions' shows 74 out of 87 as running HIPS 8, the other HIPS 8 dashboard queries are stuck on 31 clients, queries such as 'Clients pending restart', 'Service status' and 'client status'.


      Is it to much to ask that McAfee actually ensure the products work together, especially when ePO is supposed to be the management and report hub for these products!?


      Before anyone asks, yes all the client extensions are installed on the ePO server, and if you remove the HIPS 7 extensions the HIPS queries on the default ePO Summary screen throw up errors!





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          I have to agree with you on this.


          I have been testing hips on and off for over a year now and still haven't been confident enough to roll it out. Each version or update seems to open a whole new can of worms. I've found now that I have to manually install HIPS 8 onto XP machines due to drivers not passing windows testing, which mcafee insists isn't the case. Once installed, the computers are unable to access the network, without a little fettling, which only works temporarily.  Windows 7 is another kettle of fish altogether, seems to install ok, but then hogs the system memory with memory leaks.


          It's like we're beta testers and need to log support cases to get issues resolved. I feel the product has great potential, but finding it seems to be the problem.


          Mini rant over...