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    Backup Exchange with ARCserve very slow

      I have a problem with BrightStor ARCserve r11.1 Build 3212 (SP2 with latest Security Update 8) and Microsoft Exchange 2003 with SP2 and latest updates. The Exchange server is dedicated Windows 2003 Server STD SP2 and also runs GroupShield 6.0.2 SP1.

      When ARCserve uses the remote agent (for Exchange) and backups the Store/BrickLevel it's about 75% slower with VirusScan 8.5i Patch 4 and OnAccess scanner turned on. The option for scan files opened for backup is turned off in ePO 4.0 and the VSE itself. Also the Virusscan option in ARCserve is turned off.

      Reviewed article KB45520 and KB44626 without any results. Also excluded the services executable from being scanned.

      When OnAccess scanner is turned off, everything works fine. Anyone got a clue to this matter? sad