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    Can Mcafee Stop the Darn Advertising


      We All pay for the service and Mcafee keeps having advertising pop ups that you must confirm to get rid of, and annoys the heck out of everyone. Can they just stop or give us an option to turn them off, NO ONE WANTS THEM. We are paying for the service so we should not get the forced advertising. Attached is the latest junk sent by Mcafee. Please Stop!!!!!!

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          Hi there,

          Sorry for your frustration, but please be informed that the intention behind these alert messages are that our customers do not miss out on any exclusive offers that comes up with McAfee . Moreover, these pop up messages would also contain update information if the security center is not uptodate .




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            I concur with Zman99.


            Dinesh K, your response is fatuous at best.  This one specific issue alone is causing me to rethink continuing with McAfee when my subscription is up.  The pop-up is bad enough, but one can't even "x" out the popup, but must FIRST select from a drop down menu, THEN click okay.  Given that the damn popup happens more than once a day, that's more intrusive than I expect durimg my online experiences.

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              To clarify, are you seeing the above Identity Protection alert again and again?  Or you're seeing various alerts (e.g. update installed, scan complete, Identity Protection, etc.) in the course of a single day?

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                In my case>>>>


                There is a McAfee toolbar across the bottom of my screen that I don't remember adding.  The icon in the tray has a pop-up that opens that is slightly different from the screencap attachment Zman shows above in the first post.  Mine says "McAfee identity Protection" and on the bottom of the image there is a  drop down menu.  I CANNOT "x out" the dialog box (which, if I had to do several times a day would be annoying enough) but instead I must click on the drop down menu, de-select "learn More" and choose "Close" instead.  Only THEN I can click on the button that closes the ad.


                Grrrrrrrrr  Arrrrghhhh





                not sure about zman...

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                  I am not talking about the normal upgrade messages or any informational message from running a scan etc. When these messages appear they pop, and self fade out (no user intervention). The advertisement where Mcafee is selling stuff, as indicated in my attachement pops up and remains, you must click close for it to go away, ( at minimum it should fade away like other messages), it is this advertising people are getting sick of, at time it is once in a while, but at time it is several times a week. I paid for this product i should not be recieving this advertising, or at least (just like email spam) have an option to opt out of receiving these messages.

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                    This is still happening.  So, once this wubscription runs out, no more McAfee for me.


                    I was shopping with a friend and swayed her to get Norton.  Can't rec something I am disatisfied with, right?

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                      STILL happening every time I boot up.  SOOOO  annoying.  Does no one from McAfee read their own board? 

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                        kminfinity - you are not alone in this!  I, too, see an obnoxious pop-up from McAfee every few hours and can't seem to prevent it from reoccurring.  Choosing "close" merely delays a reoccurance of the pop-up a few hours.  Choosing "learn more" opens a website to learn more about the product, but not how to stop the pop-up from reoccurring.  And the funny thing is, in the pop-up I get, the "offer" for "identity Protection" is only valid until June 30th, 2011.  You'd think the marketing guru's would at least be smart enough to have the ad stop appearing after the expiration date.  I've been scouring the net to find a solution, with little luck.  The thought of calling tech support is quite unnerving, given what I have read about other's experiences dealing with this very same issue.  Here's hoping a response is forth-coming from McAfee.


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