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    Possible problem with VSE8.5 Patch 4 and Outlook 2007?

      After giving it a year or so I decided to upgrade my company to Virusscan 8.5 just after the release of patch 4. For the most part there has been no issues, but one or two computers are experiencing a strange problem that did not happen before.

      Basically when writing an email in Outlook 2007, as soon as you click in the 'To' field and type an address the computer comes to a halt and Outlook uses 100% CPU (or 50% on a dual core setup). This happens for about 5-10 seconds and then the text you typed appears. CPU usage now goes back to normal until you start typing further and then it happens again.

      Now this seems strange and it first appeared on a Windows XP SP2 machine with Outlook 2007. At first I thought it was related to XP, but then someone who is running Vista with VSE 8.5 and has been for 8-9 months suddenly announced the problem too.
      The thing is the latter machine has been running this the whole time and the only thing that has changed is Patch 4...

      Now I don't get this problem on my own Vista x64 install with VSE8.5 w/P4 and Outlook 2007 so I don't know what it is. I also know unticking the addin for VSE doesn't help either.

      The ONLY thing that fixes these PC's is to uninstall VSE8.5 and the problem goes away until it automatically reinstalls with epo client.

      Any ideas people?