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    McAfee Total Protection & WinXP: Update problem?

      I have a Dell D630 laptop (T7250 Core2 Duo @ 2GHz, 2G RAM running WinXP SP3) that was running perfectly. A few days ago McAfee "Total Protection" kept telling me I needed to restart after its latest update so I finally caved and did so. Now the machine is messed up.


      Soon after boot I get a message informing me that "McAfee Service Host ... has encounted and problem and must be shut down..." in one of those "send report to Microsoft" type dialogs.


      Firefox, Thunderbird and IE are now unable to connect now even though I have a valid wireless connection.


      It also seems liek McAfee itself is misbehaving now; if I bring up the control panel it often doesn't wipe after it's done, leaving a blank, white square in the middle of the screen...


      At shut down I now often see a dialog saying "End Program ... ##VSO###MCVSSHLD##" ... not responding..."


      So it seems like the latest McAfee "update" has messed with my laptop. I read online about a McAfee issue roughly a year ago where XP machines all over the world were hosed by a bad McAfee update thinking svchost.exe was a virus (and it's suspicious to me that the opening salvo after boot is a dialog telling me "McAfee Service Host..." has crashed...) Has this happened again? Or is it specific to my machine this time?


      Anyone got a fix? If the fix is to download something from McAfee, how might I go about it since McAfee is preventing me from downloading anything...? Sneakernet from another computer with a USB drive?