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    Memory creeping


      Howdy all,


      Has anyone seen the memory usage slowly creep up on the SW V7.0.0.5.  We are aware it is EOL tomorrow, but are unable to upgrade just yet.. unless this is a known error at this Patch Level and upgrading in known to fix it.



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          This website is an accurate description of what the operating system is doing: http://whttp://wwwwwhttp://wwwhttp://wwwhttp://www.linuxatemyram.com


          FreeBSD is borrowing memory for disk caching.  The kernel is grabbing all the memory and it doles it out as processes need it.


          You can look at the output of the vmstat command and the 'fre' column -- I believe that shows the same value as 'free -m' shows on Linux.  The command 'vmstat -m' shows detailed memory usage.


          You can also look at the output of 'top' at the Swap line and if you're not using swap memory you should be fine.