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      I have tried a couple of the "Google redirect malware" fixes, and none seem to do the trick.


      I was watching a YouTube video on Facebook yesterday morning and in the middle of the video, I noticed my computer started to make noise as if it were processing something, but I did not open any new windows or applications.


      I opened the Task Manager and noticed a few new programs running called: Kf0.exe, Kf1.exe, Kf2.exe, and Kf3.exe


      Then everything came to a standstill when the CPU Usage hit 100% and stayed there for several minutes.


      I tried System Restore, but all my restore points had been erased prior to that moment and even in Safe Mode, I could not successfully restore my system.


      I tried scanning my computer, and McAfee was able to quarantine a few things.


      Then I realised that all my searches on Google and Yahoo were being re-directed to random websites (hence my attempts at the "Google redirect malware" fixes).


      Nothing has been fixed. Please help.