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    Security Centre Failure

      Total protection Security Centre displays as white rectangle. I have been following recent discussion. Ran virtual technician several times to no avail ( session id 33431346 and 33512714). Last report indicates 1 Dat and 2 Com Issues. Uninstalled ie 9 and ie 8. Attempted to uninstall Mcafee resulting also in white blank rectangle. Email/ chat is not accessible ? How do I get rid of this annoying Product I paid good money for. : (

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          Hi tcat,

          Sorry for your frustration , please run the McAfee removal tool from here :  MCPR and restart the computer

          Then run Mcpreinstall tool from here : Preinstall tool and re-download  your McAfee software from http://us.mcafee.com and everything should be alright .




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            Activity since posting.

            Search on Mcafee site using search term mcpr, removal tool  and many other variations did not work.

            Useful links icon at top of page was also useless.

            Attempts to initiate support chat from web site also failed.


            Somehow after a long trawl, found document with mcpr link for use with XP. ( I run on Vista ) used it anyway in desperiation.

            Reinstalled mcafee from disc. reregistered product ran update and Security Centre GUI worked ( no blank white triangle ).


            During following days I felt automatic updates were not arriving. When i checked in security centre it would indicate update was due at a certain time. Check back later update had not occured but promised another update time.


            Uninstalled and reinstalled again, this time from web site. Will monitor update activity.


            Received reply today.

            Thanks for e-mail reply.
            unfortunately hyperlinks to MCPR or mcpreinstall did not operate from e-mail or from community forum reply.
            (result was: Link to mcpr is inop page can't be found. or article not found.)


            Site is not organised to make it easy for people who run into problems with the product.

            Why should MCPR and preinstaller be so difficult to access?

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              Hi Dinz,

              Can confirm autoupdate now working.

              Thanks for help


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