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    McAfee can't update my software

      I get a popup that says my computer is at risk, to check my status. Status says I need updates. I check for updates, they download, but won't install. The McAfee shield in the taskbar gets the red alert icon again. I ran McAfee virtual tech it detected the same problem--software out of date--looks for and finds updates, downloads them, can't install them.  I checked my account, and found that by adding 2 laptops, I was inadvertently over my license limit. I purchased additional licenses for these 2 computers, and thinking this was the problem tried to update again. Same thing happened. Every time I go to the computer, the alert box is there telling me I need to check my status, etc. etc. etc.

      This is extremely frustrating and I can't figure it out. I haven't added any software programs. Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks to anyone who can help me.

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          Try to turn off Firewall & Real-time scanning before you start update process. This could be helpfull. Of course you should turn onn all functions after update.


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            This sounds like an account issue. When you go into your account how many licences does it say you have used and available.


            Chat could help you ie go to useful links tab above and select Tech services.


            Also You might need to run a subscription repair tool on each of the PCs, Chat will assist you there.

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              Thank you , but the account is not an issue. Licenses used and available are fine. I just spent over one hour with a tech who tried to resolve the problem and could not. They said it is because I have third party software (Spybot Search and Destroy and ad-aware) and that they interfere and that they could not remove them, and I need to contact third party software companies. I have had these programs forever, and they have never prevented updates in the past, so I don't understand this. Also, the tech remotely controlled my computer to valiantly try to fix the problem. Now,when I go tp control panel, add or remove programs, I can't open that.  This was not an issue before the tech chat. Frustrated!!!!!

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                It`s true. McAfee products have some problems with 3rd party software. Sometimes users cann`t install McAfee products if 3rd party software already installed on PC.


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                  Ok what version of Mcafee do you have the new version when it installs does not like having Spybot installed and maybe not adware. Better to uninstall all before you install Mcafee. After the installation ok to reinstall them provided Tea timer not installed and adware is not running in real time if it is possible to.


                  Same goes with Malwarebytes.


                  Can you post the full message ie include the etc stuff....as I had my account saying all ok but the licence was disabled in the security centre

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                    I did a system restore to undo whatever was done during the tech chat (that resulted in my inability to use add/remove programs in the control panel) After the system restore, I deleted Spybot and Ad-Aware and the problem was solved. Something in McAfee changed that resulted in the compatiblity problem because I have had Spy-bot on my computer for some time and have used both Spy-Bot Search and Destroy and McAfee with no problem. Thank you all for your help.

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                      I know the new version checks for those and Malwarebytes and wants them not installed when you install Mcafee. . Usually ok to reinstall after mcfeee I have with MWB. Did either your program have their real time components loaded ie tea timer for spybot?


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                        I haven't used ad-aware in a while, and I don't usually use tea-timer on spybot S&D. I would think that the real-time components were not loaded, but since I uninstalled them, can't be sure. MWB is still on there, and hasn't been a problem so far. It seems that MWB and Spybot S&D always find things that McAfee does not. Will take your word that I can reinstall Spybot. Thank you.

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                          Out of interest the 1 thing you do not do is during installation choose to skip the detection of other software. That can cause issues so uninstall the other software 1st then install Mcafee and reinstall spybot etc.


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