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    How do you remove your email address when it hasbeen hacked by spammers

      I keep recieving emails from my email address from address http:// Alden@gb-jbprogramm.com and other "job" sites. I just wondered if I could remove my email address form these listings

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          Some job sites are notorious for 'harvesting' - advertising jobs in order to collect the personal details of job-seekers, which are then sold on en masse to third parties (often to marketing companies, but  sometimes to unscrupulous outfits who will use the information to steal your identity). I have come across one or two such sites recently, and whenever I find one I go to WOT and SiteAdvisor and post a site review there to let others know what to expect.


          Often you can set things up in an email account so that mail coming from specified addresses, or with specified keywords (like 'Job') in the subject header, is blocked or automatically binned. It all depends which email service you're using. You could also try emailing the agencies to request that they remove you from their lists. If they have a website, look to see if the site has a Privacy Policy (it most certainly should have one if the site is receiving Personally Identifiable Information, which it will be).


          To block incoming mail from reaching your PC you can use McAfee Security Center. This has, under 'Web and Email Protection' a section for Anti-Spam - some of those settings can be adjusted to filter out those annoying emails.


          If you have a major problem with spam from agencies, try setting the Spam Protection Level to Aggressive, and then block individual senders by using 'Custom Filtering Rules' (see below); or - if things are really bad - set the Spam Protection Level to Restricted, which rejects everything that isn't specifically allowed. Of course, then you have to add each sender that you want to be able to mail you into the 'Friends List', which could get tedious (you'll miss out on a lot of mail that way).

          Custom Filtering Rules.JPG


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