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    Mcafee2011 update & Questions about 2011

      Hey guys, First I want to offer some info for people wondering when they will recieve update to Mcafee 2011.Since I did not purchase my subscription direct from Mcafee I was also wondering when i would recieve my updated version to 2011.Since alot of people recieve their updates from differant providers.Such as their internet provider or dell,ect.I decided to reinstall today and was again surprised that I was upgraded to 2011.Not sure why there are not any kind of notifications for this .... But was glad I recieved the new update.As a side note I had to do the same thing last year in order to recieve the updated version.I also am a bit confused that Mcafee has not fixed a few of the same things that were on 2010.

      1. If outgoing is recommended setting for firewall.Why does mcafee install as full access?

      2.Also why is attack detection included? It installs with nothing enabled.When I asked about this last year was told to leave it as it was?

      Thanks in advance image below.  Had to use recovered version of my post as internet explorer stopped working when trying to post image.Oh Boy....


      For some reason my snipping tool is not working.


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          Peter M

          Hi Newjack,


          3rd party-provided software usually takes a lot longer to update than that provided directly by McAfee but all usually do update with no intervention necessary eventually.   There have been one or two notable exceptions involving 3rd parties in the past but I shouldn't mention that here.  


          Uninstalling/reinstalling is one way of expediting it, sometimes.


          It can be hit and miss though and doesn't always work.


          Are you sure that you hadn't set access to full previously for some reason because the default is Outgoing?  That;s what all mine are set at and I haven't altered anything.


          Regarding that Attack Detection, go into your Help section and read about it.  They say that enabling some may cause other legitimate stuff to be blocked, hence it being optional.


          To be honest I would have to read up about it to fully understand the implications of all those things.


          Click to enlarge.






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            Peter M

            Just spotted your remark about posting an image in IE caused issues.  If I recall that was a problem we reported ages ago, could you clarify what version of IE that is please and exactly what you tried to do and I will report it.


            Meanwhile you may wish to switch to Firefox 4.

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              Hi Peter, I have firefox also I will now try to post an Image with firefox.Also I am positive that this year and also last year when I installed they both installed as full access.mcafee safe.jpg


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                Ok I was able to post image with firefox.But it cut of some of the above post.The above picture was while in safe mode.For some reason it says monitered access?While I went into safe mode to see if snipping tool worked.It did.What I also wanted to mention was I am positive that last year and this year both versions loaded as full access.

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                  Peter M

                  Firewall Off?   Why?   Or are you asking me?


                  The installer used to adopt settings from the previous installation and about 2 years ago it used to be full access but that changed I think with 2010 and I remember we queried it as a possible glitch but outbound only is what I always get now as the default and haven't found any reason yet to override it.

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                    Peter M

                    OK didn't see your 2nd post.  You could be right, but all I know is installs outgoing only now.


                    In Safe Mode I'm surprised you could even open SecurityCenter, I never can as it's inactive in that mode.

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                      I may be confusing you.This is what I captured with the snipping tool in safe mode.I did not change A thing.After I installed Mcafee 2011

                      I wanted to post a question and found my snipping tool was not working.I went to safe mode found out my snipping tool was working in safe mode.But I have a Question about the Image.First my firewall is changed to monitored.Plus if you see up top it says your real time scanning is starting up.Well ....Another mystery I guess? Do you know about the attack detection set to no?I know we talked about this last year.

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                        Peter M

                        It will always say that in Safe Mode as it's actually waiting for you to reboot into regular mode to become fully functional.


                        Re: the snipping tool what system is this, Vista SP2or 7 SP1?


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                          Thanks Peter,Win 7 sp1 . What is with the Attack detection tray?? Under firewall


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