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    McAfee Tray Icon

      Dear all,

      how to change mcafee icon on the tray to be "Red M in the box"?
      cause it sometimes looks like "red V in shield"?

      Is there special update or patches for my Viruscan Enterprise 8.5?

      please your advise...:)
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          The "M" icon usually shows up when you have both McAfee VirusScan 8.5i & McAfee EPO agent installed. Does your system have the EPO agent installed? If it does, then what version is the agent? If it has the EPO agent then the EPO administrator could have a policy set to not display the EPO agent, this would cause the "M" icon to not appear.
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            thanks twenden,
            actually i'm just importing "sitelist.xml" on every PC. I'm not install "agent installation package".

            thanks for advise... happy