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    EPO Reports

      Hi ,


      I need to generate ePO reports for the last month. i.e. i want to generate a report of nos of systems which were updated with the DAT versions released last month. e.g. i need to generate reports for DAT update status as on 31st May 2011. I would be generating this report on 5th June 2011.

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          Attila Polinger



          as an off-hand tip I would say you need to make sure the event codes for successful updates (e.g.1118, 2401 ("The update was successful")) are not filtered so a custom query could look like this:

          display number of computers at the given timepoint (or interval) for which the event table contains such events. The total number of computers minus number of computers with this event could give computers that not updated successfully that interval. Hope I did get it right :-)


          For query use client events not threat events.


          I'm not sure about the exact event codes for successful updates and was not able to look up a KB article (although there is one) to assist me. Perhaps you'll have more luck in finding that.




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