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    Quick Clean not working

      I have e-mailed to McAfee twice already. And they keep telling me that they are not thedept that handle's problem like this.


      But I had a Virus problem and on Friday June 3, McAfee cleaned up my computer of this virus. The problem is that my Quick Clean icon will not do anything now. No error message's or anyhing. The service request ref#697403401. I just would like to get this function working.



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          Moved out of Help to the Quick Clean section for attention.


          The problem may be related to the virus, whatever it was - can you remember its name?


          Alternatively, your McAfee installation may have a damaged file somewhere. Try running MVT and see if it reports anything.

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            I ran the MVT to no help. Everything is good on my system, But the McAfee Quick Clean. Can I down load it again?



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              I would suggest you to download the product from your myaccount page and install it. This should install all your missing components if any.




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                I have a similar problem. I could not get McAfee Total Protection 2012 to load on one of my machines - the first two machines loaded just fine.


                A tier two tech worked on the problem with a remote connection and got the program to download and install.


                However, QuickClean says it is installed but it does not function when clicked on. It works on my other two computers.


                I kind of hate to download this again, on this one computer, as I fear I might be back talking to the tech:)


                The one computer that has QuickClean disabled/not working now turns out to be the only one the had QuickClean 6 on it some years ago. This could be the connection; but I suppose the problem is in registry which is not my favorite place to navigate. And, with the current version of QuickClean installed I am not sure I could find what needed editing.




                And no, I have not had a response on the problem.


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                I have been contacted twice by tech support and we are working on a problem resolution.


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                  Can anyone recommend a good stand alone leftover file remnants and registry remnants cleaner?


                  Can't recommend the latest McAfee removal tool. I used the latest version available to customers but it could not remove remnants that prevented Mcafee Total Protection 2012 from installing properly. Of the Tier One and Tier Two techs I worked with, the Tier Two tech seemed to have the latest version - at least the interface was different. With manual editing he was able to force the installation - but alas Quick Clean in not working.


                  I am fairly certain remnants from Quick Clean 6 on this computer are causing the inability to get the current version of Quick Clean working.


                  I did try McAfee Virtual Technician - it found one incorrect Registry entry - but correcting that did not solve the Quick Clean problem.


                  At the very least, since I used Quick Clean often and found it speeded up the computer I could use a good replacement program that removes hard to find remnants. I am not optimistic about getting the included Quick Clean I paid for up and running. On the navigation window drawer it show Quick Clean to be installed - but - it does not work.


                  McAfee VT repots Site Advisor needs an update. Site Advisor is on the computer and running fine. This is a known problem and the McAfee staff are working on a fix for the incorrect VT report






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                  Worked with a different tier 2 tech on the followup - he removed some program remnants that could be causing problems - he was going to try a reinstall of the program but the computer crashed on reboot and we lost connections. Computer was up and running after a couple of hard reboots - the problem of course remains but we will work on it when tech support contacts me again. I was impressed that they followed up the initial session.


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                    I've exactly the same problem.


                    My system is Windows 7 - Prof. 64-bit.

                    Virtual Tech. only found "Site Advisor missing file" as a problem.


                    I did a clean unistall by using;



                    and re-install it. But have the same problem.


                    I'm waiting solution for that....

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                      Well, your problem seems to blow my favorite theory about this problem out of the water. i have three computers on this one license. The are the oldest with XP Home, the next oldest with XP Pro, and the newer one with Vista Premium.


                      I was of the opinion that the XP Home machine which has had at least four or five versions of McAfee loaded on it had remnants from previous installations causing the problem.


                      I also have a Windows 7 Pro 64 machine on a different license which is working fine.


                      Only the XP Home machine has the problem. 


                      Best advice so far, go to support phone number, wait to chat with tech, then setup a remote session.


                      Initially I couldn't get McAfee Total Protection 2012 to install at all on the XP Home machine, so I got to this mostly functioning state with tech help:)


                      Issue resolved: Firefox browser installed by Kodak utility was not completely removed during uninstall - remnants removed by McAfee, and QuickClean now working:)


                      Quick Clean then found some McAfee remnants missed by McAfee Removal Tool.


                      Way to go Staini Saji with McAfee tech support:)


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                        Dear All,


                        At least on my computer (a Dell N5110) this problem (Quick Clean not opening) was caused by installing Google Chrome. Quick Clean began working again immediately after I had uninstalled Chrome and done a reboot.


                        Hope this helps.





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                          Re: chrisw69  "(Quick Clean not opening) was caused by installing Google Chrome"


                          Come to think of it, quick clean for me stopped working just after I installed Chrome last month. However, I would very  much not like to have to uninstall Chrome to use the function. Answers please McAfee? thanks.

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