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    McAfee Total Protection Virus Scan Problem

      After performing many tests, I was able to identify and reproduce exactly the problem I am experiencing with McAfee Total Protection Virus Scan.


      I have a ZIP file of about 3.55Gb of size. When scanning this file, memory goes up to more than 5Gb and eventually my computer freezes. I've had that ZIP file for years now and I never had any problem scanning it. The last successful full scan happened around May 07th 2011 at which time, that ZIP file got scanned no problem. It definitely look like McAfee Total Protection Virus Scan process behaviour has changed. I did the following test. I have uncompressed the content of the ZIP file and scan it without any problem. I regenerated a new ZIP with that same content and again, Virus Scan failed the same way. As I previously mentioned, McAfee Total Protection Virus Scan never failed in the past on that ZIP file until very recently.


      What I think it is, is that Virus Scan is now loading and uncompressing completely the ZIP file into memory and then scanning all uncompressed files located in memory whereas before it was extracting in memory the files one at a time and scanning it immediately and then uncompressing the next one scanning it and so on. Is there any way McAfee Total Protection Virus Scan can behave as it used to since I can no longer perform a full hard disk scan ?

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          I know I still have received any news about my issue but I was surprised yesterday to see that this time, my hard drive got completely scanned without any problem. Maybe it is something that got fixed in the last McAfee VirusScan build (Version 15.0 Build 15.0.288). Could someone from the technical service department confirm if this is true ?


          Finally, I have set my scanning preferences so that a full scan occurs every Saturday morning at 07:30 AM but the scan never happens at that time. The scan takes place at random time so it is not a question of wrong UTC Zone settings. What can I do on my side to fix this ?


          Thanks in advance !

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            May I suggest you run the McAfee Virtual Technician found at the top of this page under Useful Links in the Technical Support link. MVT will scan your computer for any McAfee related issues and if it finds any it will attempt to fix them for you. Please post the versions of the software you have based on the report MVT generates. We already know about your Virus Scan version.


            I believe the default time to start the scan occurs in the middle of the night around 4:00 am. Did the scan start normally before you set your time settings to 7:30 am?


            I also believe the scan should start when it is programmed to do so provided there has been no computer activity preceding the scheduled time for somewhere around a half hour to 45 minutes

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              Actually please post your version on Mcafee. Also do you get it via subscription or via your ISP or say Dell?


              There is a new version out it can in scheduled scans exclude folders and files so you can exclude the big zip file. Yes that size file is very problematic re getting scan to not lock up.


              Re starting time ever since 2010 version Mcafee added a new feature where scheduled scan does not strat unless the PC is idle for a set time. In the new 2011 version this has been altered to not start unless 10 minutes of less than 10% cpu usage has occurred. In no scan happens in 2hrs the scan should run.


              Mcafee is patching this feature later on this year to enable disabling this feature so scheduled scan will start on time.


              The issue then is to ensure scanning time not when you are doing something fun.

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                k3tg, Peacekeeper,


                It really seems that my scanning issue related to ZIP files is definitely fixed using VirusScan Engine build 15.0.288. The only thing left now is about scheduled scans.


                I wasn't aware about this 30-45 minutes of non activity in order scan to be triggered. Yes, I got McAfee through subscription. When I go to the McAfee website, how can I be sure I am downloading the latest McAfee Total Protection version ?


                Thanks !

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                  It is 10 mins inactivity or in the new version low cpu usage. New version has "about" top right of teh security centre. Old version it was on navigation page.


                  Security centre is 11.0

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                    I just verified and I do have version 11.0. From what I was reading from you earlier, the new version (probably 12.0) will have an option for enabling/disabling this feature so that scheduled scans will start on time. Have I understood it right ?

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                      I have corrected my notes about the inactivity time

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                        The new version will be patched to enable the user to disable this feature ie disable waiting for 10Mins of low CPU usage.


                        The new version uses a feature called Idle Timer.  The patch will come sometime later this year

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                          Experiencing same problem since i renewed subscription in May - problem is ongoing. Chat hasn't been very helpful. They tell me there are errors on my disks causing the slow scan time (two drives, 750 and 1000 gigs) - when i remove mcafee total protection the errors disappear - the full scan took more than 36 hours on one drive and about 26 hours on the other - pretty much unable to use the computer for anything else while scan is going - the scan is a real processor hog - i've turned off scheduled scans until mcafee devises a fix and i customize scans so as to not scan previously scanned files - if they don't fix, i won't renew - didn't have any problems with total protection 2010 and before then i had security center - that was fine, too

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