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    new malware.j after imaging partition

      i recently got hit with "new malware.j" infecting "explorer.exe" messages from  8.5i. it seems to repeatedly infect that file and add folders with random "xxxx" names  to the c:\windows\temp folder and cause annoying re-directs in firefox. the thing is, i re-imaged the partition with partimage under Ubuntu and its still infected. The fisrt boot of the XP partition was to see if the imaging went ok, update XP and DAT's. Upon 2nd reboot the bug reared its head again, same MO. now i never got the infection message before 3 days ago, so i dont suspect my image file, especially since its on an EXT4 partition. so i suspect its still somewhere, perhaps the BIOS, my NVIDIA firmware, or even the HD itself. Updated DATs, and spybot S&D have been inneffective. any ideas