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    Getting log file error daily

      I am receiving the following error message daily:

      VirusScan AutoUpdate Properties – AutoUpdate

      Unable to Create or Open log file. Logging is disabled for this session.

      I can't find anything on this error when I search this website or Google. Does anyone know how to fix?


      Moved from VirusScan 8 & previous versions (Home) to where I believe it should be - Desktop & Server - MOD
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          Which operating system? Which version of VirusScan Enterprise are you using and which patch version is installed?

          Make sure the newest patches are installed on your version of VirusScan.

          Next, have you made sure the log file is being created? And then, is it being created in a folder which has full access for all users? Tried changing permissions for your user.. Try making all users "Power Users" which should allow the log to be written correctly.

          Open the VirusScan Console, then double click on the "Autoupdate" listing. When that loads, the "default" log location should be listed as "%DEFLOGDIR%\UpdateLog.txt". For most, on my VS 8.5i machines, that means the log file is directed to the "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\Desktop Protection" folder.