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    Install task runs on machines excluded by tag

      Have a fairly strange one.


      EPO 4.5 server (Patch 1 I believe).

      EPO Agent 4.5 (P1 I believe as well , need to check).

      Windows 7 desktops.


      In EPO, I have a tag set up to mark Windows 7 machines as "Windows 7". All good. It applies the tag.

      I have a deployment task for VSE 8.7 which is set to not deploy to machines with the "Windows 7" tag.


      But, on the Windows 7 machines, the deployment task still kicks off. It errors (incompatible version - presumably a conflict with VSE 8.8) and cancels until the next deployment time.


      Is this a known bug in EPO?  EPO Agent version?


      Recently had the bug (now fixed) where the Agent wasn't recognising Windows 7 for tasks - ran the SQL script and that's fine. Don't think it's related, but adding for additional background information.


      Any suggestions?