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    Unusual behavior-virus?

      My first question so not sure this is in right place or topic is well formed, here goes.

      Have a PC (Sony Vaio, Win7) that started doing something unusual.  I moved photos and videos from a Sony Handycam to it; looked at one of the fotos, and rotated it.  That file then disappeared-gone, can't see it.


      I searched the entire hard drive; no file but there were shortcuts to the file.  When I navigate that shortcut, I can see the photo; I can save it to a USB thumbdrive (and see it) but if I save it to the computer, it says "file exists do you want to over write?".  When I save it-it's not visible.


      Looks like there is something that is concealing files that are opened and changed.  I haven't changed any other files, I am quarantining it till I know what's up.


      I have Macafee virus protection; ran it, no virus found.


      Any ideas?