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    Infected by FakeAlert Trojan

      My Windows XP PRO PC was recently infected with trojan malware which McAfee Antivirus shows as   FakeAlert-FAB!90E9619148D0


      McAffee reported that it  quarantined the trojan from this location:...\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\17424164.exe googling for


      In Googling for FakeAlert-FAB!90E9619148D0 I don't find any hits for that exact name. I DO find many other sites for FakeAlert-AB .....


      1. Is this a brand new trojan?

      2. Are these numbers  90E9619148D0   and  17424164  randomly generated while the trojan is being installed?


      3. and the most important question - How can I remove this malware?

      Thanks for any ideas. John