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    eSATA drive issue - take as Internal drive




      Having issue in one of our site, we have new USB external drive (eSATA drive) and when it connects to the mahcine it will start encryption as we have automatic encryption enabled for all machines, also found one KB - KB69422, so issue resolved by decrypting the drive on the machine (by selecting the NONE option from the server for perticular machine), but if the same drive be connected in any other system then it will start encryption again.

      So to come out from this situation, if I create blank installation (with No Encryption) set & installed on these systems and later I can enable the Encryption on local drive (Only C drive) so now if I connect the eSATA drive then it will not encrypt.......


      So I am little bit confuse means it will work or not, I need your expert opinion on that......

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