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    Problem with SG565

      I just got a used SG565 to replace a failed SG560 but I am having problems getting it configured.

      It's running v4.05. 


      I tried restoring the SG560 backup (from v3.2.2) and, although everything loaded, most of my devices couldn't access the Internet nor does inbound NAT work as expected.

      When that didn't work, I erased the configuration and manually configured it (WAN, LAN, NAT, etc.) but had the same results.


      Many devices on the internal network cannot even ping out to an external IP address but they CAN ping the SG565.

      I say "many devices" because a couple of PCs can ping consistently.

      DNS doesn't work (can't do nslookups or ping by name).


      Is there anything different about the 565?

      I have a number of SG560's and SG300's (all running v3.2.x) and I've never had a problem like this!


      Any help/info would be appreciated.




      John -Z-

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          There may be a packet filter rule blocking DNS...check to see fi this exists, or ensure you are using the UTM LAN address as the DNS server.


          I can't explain why some hosts work and others dont at this stage.


          Are all hosts using the correct gateway ?

          DHCP server is setup correctly for the new 565 install ?

          I assume wired clients, not wireless are having trouble ?


          diagnostics -> packet capture


          can be useful.


          -s 1500 ip proto 1


          will capture all ping requets and replies.

          See if there is a difference between hosts that work and hosts that do not.


          Hope this helps.