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    Exceptions for VSE 8.5

      I'm looking to ensure that VSE (file scanning and access protection) on our servers is optimally configured.

      The four main roles I'm interested in are:
      * Microsoft SQL Server 2005
      * Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
      * Microsoft SharePoint 2007
      * Microsoft Virtual Server 2005

      For preference I'd like to break down Exchange and SharePoint further by role (where/if applicable).

      So far I have:

      * Performance loss reported with Microsoft SQL and VirusScan Enterprise (issue: VSE Exclusions)
      Document ID: 613277

      * Configuring McAfee VirusScan Enterprise exclusions for Microsoft Exchange 2007
      Document ID: 613921

      I am unsure whether there are any access protection exceptions I need to add for SQL Server 2005 or Exchange 2007 (I seem to recall an SMTP/email issue) and unfortunately I haven't been able to locate a document with exceptions for SharePoint 2007 or Vertual Server 2005.

      Can anyone provide any definitive links/McAfee Document ID's for these exceptions?

      Many thanks,