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      在客户端系统上的“McAfee 代理系统任务栏”中,我的

      看不到“快速设置”|“Endpoint Encryption 状态”选项。


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          sorry - can you ask your question in English? Not many people here speak Japanese.

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            Peter M

            He meant Chinese, sorry huzi2201

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              doh! that might be why Google Translate had such a problem with it...


              "On the client system, "McAfee Agent system tray"in my

              Do not see the "Quick Settings"|" Endpoint Encryption Status " option.

              May I ask what causes"


              Not sure what you mean here - can you show a screen shot of what options you have in your tray icon? Is this a problem on one machine, or many machines, and which version of EEPC are you using?