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    VSE 8.5i - Problem with running program with commandline options after Autoupdate


      In the autoupdate properties you can specify a program to run after the autoupdate task is finished. My problem is that when i try to insert something like: c:\bin\mymessageapp.exe -login blabla -passwd yada -message "a message" i get an error saying it cant find the program. If I remove the comandline options the program is accepted but obviously it wont do much. Is it at all possible to give comandline options when configuring this, perhaps you can "escape" the options so that the configuration program understands that they are options and not part of the program.

      I could put the command in a bat file and run that one but it is much easier to issue configuration directives than software updates (which a bat file would be regarded as) in my project due to formal constraints from the customer.