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    Java Patch Plugs 17 Security Holes


      See http://krebsonsecurity.com/2011/06/java-patch-plugs-17-security-holes/


      A new Java version has been released by Oracle : Java 6 Update 26 (v.


      If you're not sure whether you have Java installed, or you want to check your current version, you can either go to www.java.com and click on 'Do I have Java?' or open the Java Control Panel (from Windows Control Panel) and click on 'About'.


      Given the increasing number of Java exploits targetting weaknesses in Java, you should either update Java immediately or, if you don't need it, disable it in your browser(s) or even consider uninstalling it.


      If you download the update you may need to do it in an account with administrator privileges.



      Edit - If you try to run the Java check from within Chrome and it doesn't work, open Internet Explorer or Firefox and run it from there. The Chrome Java plug-in seems to be rather temperamental.


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