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    Script Error when trying to Install Mcafee SAAS

      Im starting to get really frustrated.


      When I try and install on a vista 32bit machine it will not install and gives me the error: 


      Script Error


      An error has occurred in the script on this page.

      Line: 786

      Char: 35

      Error: The value of the property 'Start' is null or undefined, not a Function object

      Code: 0

      URL: http://vs.mcafeeasap.com/SW/VS521/installCore.aspx?l................................



      I have tried previous suggestions I have read on these boards and other things with no luck.


      Things I have tried that do not work:


      Reset all script's in Internet Explorer with the command prompt.:


      regsvr32 comcat.dll /s

      regsvr32 shdoc401.dll /s

      regsvr32 shdoc401.dll /i /s

      regsvr32 asctrls.ocx /s

      regsvr32 oleaut32.dll /s

      regsvr32 shdocvw.dll /I /s

      regsvr32 shdocvw.dll /s

      regsvr32 browseui.dll /s

      regsvr32 browseui.dll /I /s

      regsvr32 msrating.dll /s

      regsvr32 mlang.dll /s

      regsvr32 hlink.dll /s

      regsvr32 mshtmled.dll /s

      regsvr32 urlmon.dll /s

      regsvr32 plugin.ocx /s

      regsvr32 sendmail.dll /s

      regsvr32 scrobj.dll /s

      regsvr32 mmefxe.ocx /s

      regsvr32 corpol.dll /s

      regsvr32 jscript.dll /s

      regsvr32 msxml.dll /s

      regsvr32 imgutil.dll /s

      regsvr32 thumbvw.dll /s

      regsvr32 cryptext.dll /s

      regsvr32 rsabase.dll /s

      regsvr32 inseng.dll /s

      regsvr32 iesetup.dll /i /s

      regsvr32 cryptdlg.dll /s

      regsvr32 actxprxy.dll /s

      regsvr32 dispex.dll /s

      regsvr32 occache.dll /s

      regsvr32 occache.dll /i /s

      regsvr32 iepeers.dll /s

      regsvr32 urlmon.dll /i /s

      regsvr32 cdfview.dll /s

      regsvr32 webcheck.dll /s

      regsvr32 mobsync.dll /s

      regsvr32 pngfilt.dll /s

      regsvr32 licmgr10.dll /s

      regsvr32 icmfilter.dll /s

      regsvr32 hhctrl.ocx /s

      regsvr32 inetcfg.dll /s

      regsvr32 tdc.ocx /s

      regsvr32 MSR2C.DLL /s

      regsvr32 msident.dll /s

      regsvr32 msieftp.dll /s

      regsvr32 xmsconf.ocx /s

      regsvr32 ils.dll /s

      regsvr32 msoeacct.dll /s

      regsvr32 inetcomm.dll /s

      regsvr32 msdxm.ocx /s

      regsvr32 dxmasf.dll /s

      regsvr32 l3codecx.ax /s

      regsvr32 acelpdec.ax /s

      regsvr32 mpg4ds32.ax /s

      regsvr32 voxmsdec.ax /s

      regsvr32 danim.dll /s

      regsvr32 Daxctle.ocx /s

      regsvr32 lmrt.dll /s

      regsvr32 datime.dll /s

      regsvr32 dxtrans.dll /s

      regsvr32 dxtmsft.dll /s

      regsvr32 WEBPOST.DLL /s

      regsvr32 WPWIZDLL.DLL /s

      regsvr32 POSTWPP.DLL /s

      regsvr32 CRSWPP.DLL /s

      regsvr32 FTPWPP.DLL /s

      regsvr32 FPWPP.DLL /s

      regsvr32 WUAPI.DLL /s

      regsvr32 WUAUENG.DLL /s

      regsvr32 ATL.DLL /s

      regsvr32 WUCLTUI.DLL /s

      regsvr32 WUPS.DLL /s

      regsvr32 WUWEB.DLL /s

      regsvr32 wshom.ocx /s

      regsvr32 wshext.dll /s

      regsvr32 vbscript.dll /s

      regsvr32 scrrun.dll mstinit.exe /setup /s

      regsvr32 msnsspc.dll /SspcCreateSspiReg /s

      regsvr32 msapsspc.dll /SspcCreateSspiReg /s




      Reset internet explorer and made sure all settings were on Medium with no popup blocker.


      Deleted all cookies and temporary internet files.


      Went through the entire registry and deleted everything Mcafee


      Used the Mcafee Uninstall cleanup tool


      Updated Java




      Please help!!!!!!

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                   I have read your post.


                   Based on the issue that you have posted we would like to know few required details.


                   May i know the version of the Internet Explorer that is installed on your computer ?

                   Also please let me know whether you have performed any windows updates recently?




          Geetha P

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            Internet Explorer 9


            Windows is completely up to date.


            Windows update history:


            5/11 - Windows update

            4/27 - Windows update

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              Anyone have an answer??  I need to get this user sorted out....asap.

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                        I have read your post. Since you mentioned that you using the Internet Explorer 9 and also the Windows are upto date we will have someone from Mcafee to call you back ASAP. Also I have sent you one private message please reply back to that with the required details that we requested.




                Geetha P

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                  Hi Brooks,


                  I have read your post.


                  I understand that you use Internet Explorer 9 on your computer.


                  We are really sorry to say that McAfee is not fully compatible with Internet Explorer Version 9.0.


                  All users who have IE9 are facing script errors. Please roll-back to IE8 to avoid script error issue.


                  McAfee is closely working with Microsoft to resolve this issue ASAP.


                  Please bear with us.



                  Pritish P.

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                    I have the same error, I use internet explorer  ver.9

                    Could you please, tell me how to  roll-back to IE8.


                    thank u.

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                      I am getting this again on another vista 32bit machine with ie9


                      I rolled back to ie8 and am STILL getting the same problem.


                      For the previous poster, to uninstall ie9 go to:


                      Start-control panel-programs and features-click the view installed updates on the left-find ie9 and uninstall it- reboot machine

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                        Hi Brooks,


                        I have read your post.


                        Please follow the given instructions to install McAfee in your computer. Please ignore if any of the trouble shooting steps ended in failure and simply proceed with the installation procedures that is given below.


                        1. Log on to the security center from www.mcafeeasap.com

                        2. Click on the tab utilities-> select Migration & Optimization --> download cleanup utility.

                        3. Delete all the entries from start->Run->temp and then select all the files and folder under that and delete. (Some will not delete)

                        4.  Delete all the entries from start->Run->%temp% and then select all the files and folder under that and delete. (Some will not delete)

                        5.  Delete all the entries from start->Run->prefetch and then select all the files and folder under that and delete. (Some will not delete)

                        6. Reboot the computer.


                        Installation :


                        To install the updates for the Total Protection Service, please use the Silent installation method.


                        1. Open the webpage www.mcafeeasap.com and login with your security center.

                        2. Click on utilities on the top

                        3. under the installation tab, select the second option silent installation to download.

                        4. save the vssetup.exe file to your c: drive.

                        5. Now click start --> type Run --> type cmd and hit enter to open command prompt.


                        Type cd\ (enter)


                        6.copy this command and paste


                        VSSETUP.EXE /CK= ****************************  /P=VFB   (CK= company key / provide your company key)


                        Where P is the parameter and V is the virus scan, F the firewall and B the browser protection. If you want to exclude installation of any software you need to omit that parameter from the above command.


                        Just wait for 5 minutes McAfee will be automatically get installed in your computer. Please revert for any clarifications.





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                          Thanks Ravi for your instructions as I have the same error that brooks has. Unfortunately after going through the instructions step by step I still have a script error when trying to update McAfee manually (and when it attempts to update on it's own).


                          I support many customers and have seen this happen at least 3 times now. I have not been able to resolve the problem other than reinstalling Windows from scratch in one instance. I have suggested to my customers not to update to Internet Explorer 9, but this should not be the final answer.


                          Please advise on any other steps that I can take that will hopefully fix this issue.



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