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    Scan deleted cookies for sites that I use

      Internet Security deleted cookies that I wanted to keep (2o7 cookies). How can I change settings so this doesn't happen again? Is there any way to restore them? The only settings I see are for real-time scanning  and for custom scan and for both, tracking cookies is unchecked. So why were they deleted?


      I have McAfee Internet Security. I find the current interface awful, it used to be usable to find settings, etc.



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          As far as I know there's no way to specify that a particular cookie should *not* be blocked automatically. The cookie you mention is one of many that McAfee detects and quarantines, so there must be a central list somewhere - but it's probably hard-coded into the software.


          If you feel that this is something that should be changed to give the user more control over the process, why not suggest it in the Product Improvement section?


          Just go to https://community.mcafee.com/community/home/ideas and submit an idea. Don't forget to vote for it after you're done, to give it a head start.

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            You could try turning off the detection of Tracking Cookies like I do - otherwise the quarantine folders just fill up with stuff that really is harmless 99.999% of the time.   Even with it turned off anything that was actually malicious would still be caught hopefully.



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              Thank-you both for your replies.


              Hayton, I don't want to turn it off for only certain cookies, but for all cookies. I don't see where I can for a normal manual scan. It didn't quarantine them, it just deleted them without asking if I wanted to do that.


              Peter, as I said, it was turned off in real-time scanning and in custom scan. I can find no other place to turn them off, you would think those setting would carry over when you click Full Scan. I hadn't run a scan in a while, so don't know when the program changed. I will try running the custom scan and see if that does the same thing.



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                I can ignore tracking cookies using the Custom Scan option, but then I have the latest v11.x SecurityCenter and I can't recall if the same setting was available on v10.x.



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                  In Security Center 10.5.239 I see the option to chech/uncheck tracking cookies in real-time scanning, and to ignore/scan cookies in Custom scan (pretty much as you show above). I still think that some tracking cookies will be blocked by default, regardless of the RTS settings.


                  catmom, what McAfee product have you got and what version is the Security Center?

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                    I have McAfee Internet Security and Security Center is same version as yours - 10.5.239. Virus Scan is 14.5.130


                    I guess it's not really that bad that they got deleted (it kept the cookies for my banks, for instance, so I don't have to answer the security questions again), I was just surprised by it.




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                      I think their idea is a full scan is that full ie everything. They, in the new Sc 11, allow exclusion of folders and files you select in scheduled and custom scanning BUT not in full scans.


                      Just Mcafee's way of thinking