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    Rogue Detection System with two ePO servers

      Hi folks,


      We have 2 ePO servers (4.5).

      One that manages home PCs and also laptops that are used inside and out of the perimeter.

      The other one, the main one, takes care of all the other workstations.


      Now I'm trying to enable RSD.

      Obviously if I enable it on the main ePO server, all the laptops will be flagged as rogue even if they exist in the second ePO server.


      I went to "Registered Servers" and added the other ePO server for both server. So each ePO server has the other one as secondary.

      Assuming it would create a trust between the servers.

      Is that ok?


      I also set:

      Systems detected with an Agent that belong to these ePO Servers should not be considered RogueThis ePO Server:

      Main epo server

      Other ePO Servers: secondary


      Here is an error I can see in the RSDSensor_out.log

      WARN RSDSensor.ServerCom <> - SocketException: Failed to initiate an SSL connection:



      Any help will be much appreciated.