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    Problem with McAfee Web Reporter

      we have a MWG 7.1 which is inergrated with a McAfee Web Reporter..


      our issue is when i creat an advanced report, the created report data are not match.. (it is an empty report)..

      FYI: all data of MWG are appeared completely at the dashboard.. and the test of the integrated database is success..



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          Hi Ahmad,


          I think this is hard to say without additional data. When you talk about "data in the dashboard", do you mean the MWG dashboard or some of the Web Reporter Quick Reports? The MWG Dashboard does not use the Log files to display the data, so what you see there does not need to actually be part of the log files.


          If you check the Import Jobs (Adminsitration -> Log Sources -> Jobs), can you see that an Import job ran and that some data was imported? If there is something wrong with the Log file you may find out that maybe the majority of the logs lines was not processed but threw an error or was ignored.


          In case you see that data was imported, probably there is something wrong with the Report Definition. In this case it may make sense to try a different report, one of the pre-defined maybe, to check if there is some output.


          Please have a look and - if possible - give us some more information about your Web Reporter configuration.




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            Hi Andre,


            the data are appear at the dashboard of the WR.

            the pre-defined reports are working well and display data.


            maybe the definition of the custom report is wrong, but it worked well before a week..

            i'll try to solve it through the query created and the advansed report.


            thanks for the response.


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              This would be very hard to solve without the following information.


              1) a copy of the backup.xml

              2) A server.log after you ran the report

              3) A description of your expected report result

              4) A description of problem with the actual result

              5) The user account and report name so I can test.


              Sometimes these problems are just a mis-understanding of how to read the data, or make the report. Somtimes it can be a limitation in the type of report you are trying to run, or a bug. We really haven't had too many bugs in regards to report results.

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                thanks sroering,


                i opened a case with McAfee support to see what we can do with this issue.



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                  Send me the SR number in a private message and I'll take a look at it today.  I need all 5 items above. If I have questions, I'll call you.