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    Milestone Antivirus (virus/malware?)

      Hi everyone,


      I'm a newbie here so I apologize if this is in the wrong place, but I have searched on these forums and googled milestone with no luck.  I just got a virus or malware that calls itself Milestone Antivirus and spoofs people into thinking it has found trojans/viruses and wants you to pay for their service to remove them.  Just like others like this, I can't do anything with this installed.


      Anyway, I ran Malwarebytes in regular mode and when the scan got towards the end, my pc just shut down and rebooted.  I am now running Malwarebytes in Safe Mode so hopefully this will take care of it.


      Has anyone had experience with this virus and knows of the proper procedures to delete it?  I am running Windows 7 and "program" is in my system program tray in the lower right...


      Thanks much!