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    How to Use a McAfee Encrypted USB on a Mac?


      We have purchased a number of these drives (MFR843806) Standard Encrypted, sizes from 2 - 16 GB.  In the User Guide and in the Readme.txt which are on the drive, state that it works with a Mac.

      We have clients that cannot get it working on a Mac and I have one beside me as I type this and it will not see the drive either.  I plug it in, the drive has the green dot, yet when I go to the Disk Utility, there is no drive showing at all.  I did find the Access application buried in the E:\McAfee Encrypted USB.app\Contents\MacOS folder.  Copied and ran it on the Macbook.  In Finder, I click on the Macintosh HD and 'McAfee Encrypted USB' shows up as an app.  I run it with or without the drive plugged in and it says "No device has been detected. Please insert your device to continue. When your device is detected, the wizard will begin."

      Not sure why the device is not being detected, when looking at the Macbook Hardware Overview (like Windows Device Manager) in the USB section, under USB High-Speed Bus, it does list Encrypted USB.

      Very confusing...we tried it on a Mac Air as well and it didn't work there either.


      Any help would be gratefully appreciated,




      The info below is from the readme file...

      2.2 Autorun not available on Mac OS X

      Mac OS X does not support automatically starting applications on USB

      storage devices. After inserting a device, users will need to open the

      Application partition and manually start the Encrypted USB application.

      2.3 System tray menu feature not available on Mac OS X

      Encrypted USB's system tray menu is not available on Mac OS X.

      2.4 Device removal and safe ejection on Mac OS X

      When a USB storage device is unplugged without being ejected, Mac OS X will

      show a warning and data may be lost.

      It is recommended that all applications running from the device be closed

      and the device properly ejected before removal. If a device has a public

      partition configured, it may continue to reappear after being ejected. It

      is safe to eject once and then remove the device even if the public drive

      has reappeared and an operating system warning is displayed on removal.


      Some older systems still using OS X 10.4 might be prompted with a warning

      that their device was not safely removed when logging in or out. These

      warnings can be ignored and the operation should be successful.


      2.5 Disk Insertion message on Mac OS X

      When a disk is inserted that is not formatted Mac OS X will display a

      Disk Insertion message with three options: 'Initialize...', 'Eject', and

      'Ignore'. This occurs in Encrypted USB if a user was created without

      successfully formatting the private partition and they unlock the device or

      perform a user rescue. It may also occur intermittently when Encrypted USB

      attempts to format a partition. It is recommended to always choose the

      'Ignore' option. Choosing any other option may render the software unstable.

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          MacOSX 10.6.7, Encrypted USB BIO 32GB, Firmware 2.1, Software the same problem. Funny but on Windows 7 running on Vmware Fusion on the same machine is OK.

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            I have checked this on my old powerbook G4 (OSX 10.5.8). System detected the stick but "Mcafee Encrypted USB" is not supported on this architecture (PPC).


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              Please download the below software packages and update the Encrypted USB.


              Download the updater tool from the link: https://planet.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-1327


              The software packages which needs to be downloaded are:






              Note: Stefan will be posting the image files when it is available.


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                Hi  nyeshoda,


                I already have software in version (with AV). My MBP (2010) with OSX 10.6.7 can't detect encrypted USB BIO 32GB....


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                  Thank you for the link nyeshodea, however it looks like no one is able to get to those files from that link unless they are a McAfee employee it seems.  I signed up on the planet.mcafee site the other day and received this email below...doesn't look too good.  I guess I'll have to send some emails to some of the engineers I know to see if I can get them a different way.


                  Thank you for joining the McAfee Employee Community!

                  Please note that your account must be approved by an administrator before you can log into the community. This can take up to 1 business day. For security reasons, we are only approving members that use a mcafee.com email address.

                  Once approved, you will receive an email containing a validation link. Click on that link to enable your account within the Employee Community.

                  Thank you,

                  Greg Sanders

                  Director, Global Online Services

                  McAfee Inc.


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                    Did you ever get this to work i have the same issue but now with my MBPro OS X 10.8

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                      Thanks for the tip, Gavint.

                      Your efforts was teh trail of bread crumbs I needed.


                      The problem was that you dug into E:\McAfee Encrypted USB.app\Contents\MacOS folder.


                      The ".app" suffix indicates a Application PACKAGE.  Windows sees these applications as folders where Mac Finder displays them as discreet Application launching icons, only intended to be opened by IT pros that need to fetch internal resources for some reason. 


                      The trick needed was to move the ENTIRE  E:\McAfee Encrypted USB.app  folder over.

                      When I did this, "McAfee Encrypted USB" showed up on my desktop.


                      I pulled my USB out, launched this application, stuck the USB drive back in and was rewarded with USB drive icons in the Finder.

                      Hope this works for others.




                      OS 10.8


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                        I will have to try this with my 320gb HD. We are given these at work to tale our work home bit I have never been able to get it to work right.


                        Is this verified?

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                          On an iMac running 10.6 I had to run the McAfee application and then remove and reseat the McAfee Encrypted USB up to four times before it was recognized, but it DID work consistently three times.


                          So, tht's two Macs where this App works.

                          Why doesn't McAfee post the McAfee app oniine so their customers don't have to go to a PC first and get confused?  Elephant + Rhinoceros


                          McAfee has some very counterproductive business practices I'll be happy to share with them for $20,000 consultant fee. (Waitin' by the phone. Yup.)

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