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    EEPC Users not added after re-imaging


      I am running ePO 4.5.4 Build 1093 (

      HF 4 P1) with EEPC 6.0.2 and EEPC Agent 1.0.2 on mostly Windows XP SP3 machines. When we re-image a machine that has EEPC installed on it and has several users assigned  to it the users are not re-added to the system. All of these users were created with the Add Local Domain users function within EEPC. I know they are not being re-added because ePO is treating the re-imaged machine like a new machine with the same Name but different Agent GUID. Is there a way to prevent a machine that is having the OS re-installed from getting a new GUID or to assign the EEPC users  from the old machine instance to the new machine instance? Thanks.

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          Do you delete the machine from ePO before you re-image it?

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            Thanks for the reply Dan. No I do not delete the system out of ePO.  I have found the issue I was having which was the client machine is generally using the wireless connection while reporting to ePO and when we have to re-image the machines we use a wired connection. So the MAC address reported from the freshly re-imaged is different than the client record in the ePO DB. So then we have a different Agent GUID and a different MAC address which ePO interprets as a new machine. I thought that ePO would also used the System Name / Domain pair but I was informed that is not the case. JoeBidgood has been helping me out on this and suggested that we connect  the machine to the wired network connection do a "Collect and Send Props" and then re-image the machine thus preserving the MAC address and the system would go into ePO as the old instance. If not we would just have to treat the newly re-imaged machine as a new EEPC install and add the users manually. Also since you deal with EEPC I am trying to get a list of resolved issues contained in EEPC 6.1 compared with EEPC 6.0.2. Support told me that there were no big differences between the two and I thought 6.1 was full of improvements. I also have another thread on this topic. https://community.mcafee.com/message/187114#187114 Thanks in advance.