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    New to Safeboot 5 - 0ex0010025 User not currently activated - HELP!

      Dear All,


      Having just started a new job and not knowing of Safeboot I've been handed a task attempting to regain access to a laptop secured with Safeboot 5.


      The issue is as follows


      1) I have accessed the recovery option on the laptop  down the bottom left (machine is set to password token only)

      2) I have logged onto the Safeboot server, found the user and entered the challenge code to start the process

      3) on feedback from the server to enter the two reset codes, it has told me the user password has been reset

      4) I reset the password, and attemp to log on

      5) the result is 0ex0010025 User is not currently activated.

      6) all successive attempts to resolve this have failed, and it will not accept the password change and let me into the laptop


      Issues not yet resolved

      As I'm just starting to learn this product I have picked up on a few facts and as such I cannot say at this time if

      1) the user disabled the screensaver

      2) the windows logon password has been reset


      Even if these two elements are resolved, I'm still baffled as to what is actually going on here (unsurprisingly!)


      Please could somebody tell me what I am doing wrong here?