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    Emergency security update for Flash - 06/06/11


      Adobe have released an emergency update for Flash Player today to patch a flaw in the program. The latest version is now (for IE) and ... .22 (for other browsers).


      Users are advised to update to the new version - and remember if you have both IE and another browser you need to download two versions of the update.


      Details of the update and the reason for it are in this Krebs on Security article.

      (From comment on the article : )

      All Windows users who have an older version of the Flash ActiveX control need to install the update. And because Windows XP comes with the Flash ActiveX control, then *all* Windows XP users need to install the update if they have not already taken steps to remove or disable Flash.


      If ever you want to check to see whether you need to update Flash, I posted here with a quick way to do it.


      Chrome has also gone to a new version (11.0.696.77) to include the latest Flash update, so you'll need to update Chrome as well.


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