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    Windows Recovery Virus not letting McAfee scan...

      Anyway, today my mom went to use her computer and was getting all these pop ups about errors and then all of the icons on the desktop and in the start menu are gone, except for the 'Windows Recovery' icon.  She ran this and it told her to pay the $89.99 or something to scan and fix everything.  So she did, with her bank card, then she did a system restore, after which all icons were visible again.


      So I come by after work and she tells me what happened and I'm thinking 'Crap' because I've read about that kind of virus before.  So first we call her bank to get her card cancelled and a new one sent, I opened McAfee to see if I could use it to scan anything.  But the Real-Time Scanning won't turn on and when I go to scan anything, an error pops up and its a no go.


      Anyone encounter this before and were successful in getting it removed and McAfee working?  She is completely freaking out.  Luckily I'm off from work tomorrow so I'll at least be able to try a couple things and do some more research.  I tried to use task manager to stop a few of the processes but they kept coming back, which didn't happen the last time I had to deal with a virus.  I did a little research online and ran into a couple how-to's on deleting the files in the registry and elsewhere but I'm less experienced than I'm comfortable with so I really'd rather not try to screw with anything else without a little coaching.


      Any help would be much appreciated.