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    Internet Security White Screen

      I have seen similar posts, but am unsure as to whether this is the same problem and I do not want to perform the wrong procedure. 


      I am running Internet Security 2010 on 3 machines.  Installed about a year ago.  No problems noted until a couple of weeks ago.  The problem machine is running Windows 7, 64 bit, 6.1.7600.  Browser is IE 9, 9.0.8112.16421, update version: RTM KB982861.


      Whenever I try to launch Internet Security from the task bar, nothing happens.  Double clicking on the desktop icon brings up a blank white rectangle about the size and position of the expected application window.  Moving the pointer around the rectangle does nothing.  The Mcafee icon appears in the application bar.  I can right click on the icon and close the white rectangle.


      Looking the the Task Manager, I see that mcagent.exe is running, consuming about 2356K of memory.  Bringing up the blank white rectangle increases the memory used to 5684K. These numbers vary.


      I first noticed this a week or two ago.  I used System Restore to go back to a point previous to a shown Mcafee update.  The application then launched normally.  The white rectangle showed back up sometime since, noticed yesterday.  Per one of the posts, yesterday I downloaded and ran ARO 2011.  I also reset IE 9.  No noticeable affect on the white rectangle.


      Two questions.  First the obvious one is how to resolve the problem?  I cannot monitior the antivirus or run scans.  Second, am I protected in the meantime?


      W Ford