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    Not able to activate the product

      i  purchased the mcafee anti virus 2011 cd and i installed and activated the  product and after some days i removed and tried to install and reactivate but it is not activating.


      sucscription is in red and showing activate by 6/14/2011.


      can you please help me to re activate the product


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          It's necessary now to deactivate the installation on your account page before reinstalling a product because there is a limit on number of licenses.


          However, it should still work if you do that now, wait a few minutes and then right-click the taskbar icon and select 'Verify Subscription'.


          How to do that here:  https://community.mcafee.com/message/191983#191983


          The URL for your account is : http://home.mcafee.com/Default.aspx?culture=EN-IN

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            Hi Peter.  I didn't know about deactivating McAfee accounts. I had a 3 year plan I ordered on line,  that I lost due to the computer tech having to "wipe" my computer back in 2009.  He didn't save the McAfee program because it wasn't from a disk. He installed a 1 year one McAfee program when he finished re-installing windows and my programs from my disks.


            Just got a notice in the mail that my McAfee was expiring. When I looked on line, indeed there was 2009, 2010 listed. I wasn't able to find a way to resolve the issue looking on-line, so I called the number in the letter. Talked to someone in India who finally understood what had happened, when I explained I had just purchased 2011 in January on disk and installed it myself, and didn't understand why something was expiring next month. She called up my account and took off everything except what expires in 2012. She removed my credit card information, and my old e-mail address etc, and gave me a code number to use as a reference if I was still getting mail about it.


            I guess the computer tech I used didn't know that the 3 year plan he lost for me was supposed to be de-activated, when he installed the new one from disk.  I sure didn't know I had to do anything.


            Thanks for posting about this de-activating issue.


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              Well deactivating software and deactivating a machine under a subscription are two different things.  The first one can only be done by McAfee staff.  The second one shouldn't be necessary if a regular uninstallation is done on that software.  But sometimes people use the removal tool straight away and that doesn't deactivate that machine at the account.


              When the software source changes, i.e. from online to a CD, then it's wise to uninstall first.