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    EPO installation

      Busy trying to install EPO 4.6.

      We have our SQL Server on another Member Server which is completed seperate from the EPO install....

      On the installation page where it specified Domain, Username / Password and whether using Windows Credentials or SQL Credentials, i select Windows Credentials as i have created a Service Account specifically to use for EPO.


      this Service account is a Domain Admin and on the SQL Server, it is a Sysadmin....

      When specifying this account details to install the EPO DB, it keeps coming back with a error saying " Error trying to impersonate user details "


      What more access would be required to get EPO to install with this Service Account.




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          Are you able to install with SA account? Please look at KB#:KB52969 which is for ePO 4.0. KB is not discussing your environment but talks about similar issue.


          on 5/6/11 9:19:28 PM IST
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            I am able to install EPO DB using my Domain Account with no problems. However, it is also a domain admin account.


            SA account didnt work either.

            Basically i want to use a Service AD account with the right access to be able to install EPO and then make use of that Service Account as the primary credentials.



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              Where is the EPO license file kept when installing EPO...

              What i have picked up is, when installing EPO using my Domain admin account and after installation, go to the config page to setup EPO to communicate with the Service Account to the DB... i then test the connection and is succesful.


              As soon as i restart the server , communication is lost to the DB and says, cannot locate License file, Make sure Event Parserver service has started.....

              This is the point where Event Parser service will not start up.


              Hope someone has had this before.



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                Laszlo G

                License file is readen from ePO's database so you must have a problem with database connection. This sometimes happen when rebooting ePO server and SQL port is misconfigured.


                Just have a llok at this and see if ePO is using a wrong port or not and change it if needed: