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    NVM Report fails to Generate

      I recently moved Foundstone into the domain and now I am unable to view the reports once the scans are complete.  They execute fine and when the status bar indicates "transmitting" and then "generating report" it indicates "failed" right after generating report. 


      Any ideas?


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          Anantha Kumar

          After reports are generated, reports are pushed to Enterprise Manager, check if the host name or IP address is correct in FCM -> Tools -> Preferences -> Report server -> 'Enterprise manager server address'  box.

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            OK I went ahead an check in FCM.  Everything in there looks fine and indicated (Connected).  What is weird is even though the report indicates it failed and you don't get a download or view link if you look in the actualy windows file structure in the Reports folder the zipped files is in there.  It just does not integrate into the Reports viewer inside the Vulnerability Manager.

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              hi Paul,


              That points to a "report transfer" problem vs. a "report generation" problem.  Anantha's suggestion is spot on.  Also check the reportserver.log for specific errors.  You may have to enable verbose report server logging:




              Create a DWORD value "DebugMode" value "4"


              Restart the ReportServer service


              Rerun the report


              Check the ReportServer.log (in ~foundstone\Logs)


              If it's still an issue, then I suggest a Service Request to pursue.


              Hope that helps!


              Oh, one other thought... if they exist on the Portal Server side, then perhaps you have the Reports directory misconfigured in the Portal\Config.ini??

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                Yeah I check and the IP address was correct.  When I dropped it out of the domain the report succeeds and functions fine.