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    Real-time scanning turns itself off....again

      My real time scanning is turning itself off....again.  I had this issue a year or so ago and McAfee had the issue.  It is doing it again.  I am running XP.  I had a technician from McAfee log on to my computer and did some things and said to restart and it would be fixed.  Wrong!  He/She ran the Virtual Technician and found a couple of issues but said they fixed them.  I still see a couple of things when I run the Virtual Technician.


      Shows:  VirusScan- McAfee Total Protection 15.0.288

                     Pending: DAT out of date


                     SiteAdvisor 2.9.239

                     Problem: Product upgrade required


      But I can't seem to get these fixed.  It says update now for the DAT, but it doesn't work.  And I don't know why the SiteAdvisor isn't upgraded.  I know I pay for the program each year in December.  You'd think it would include upgrading everything I pay for.  Any ideas?

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          I've had the same problem for the last couple of days which I've spent reading and trying out the many solutions on pages similar to this one but to no avail. I'm not very computer savvy so I naturally thought that coming to the McAfee 'help' sections such as this would provide a concise answer on how to resolve this problem. Looks like I was wrong... If I don't get any joy on this thread from someone from McAfee willing to help me personally, then I'll use another AV from someone else and never return to McAfee again.


          Over to you!


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            I feel your frustration.  I have been experiencing the same problem and decided to join this "Community" in the hope that some one might have an answer.  I am not a computer savy individual either.  I am reaching out to others for solution, since McAfee's service/support have turned out to be very user-unfriendly, and full of twist and turns.


            I noticed that this problem occured after an automatic installation of Windows Update. So, as a last resort I decided to restore mine to the date prior to the installed update and that fixed it.  I am not sure if this was a smart thing to do, but the annoying message of "Real-Time Scanning is Off" is no longer there.


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              Hi All,


              You have a problem with VirusScan turning itself off.


              I run with VirusScan turned off, because I can't exclude folders for Real-Time Scanning.


              You posters are posting without giving a lot of critical information.


              Information needed for good posting:


              McAfee Security Center Build, not Version is required.

              Operating system version, its type of operating system (That is, Home, Professional or Media Edition) Service Pack Level and 32-Bit or 64-Bit.


              Some posters are talking about Windows Update, but not mentioning which Windows Update to avoid.

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                Thanks for the info, even if I don't understand what you are talking about! My problem has been resolved by allowing McAfee to take control of my computer and they seem to have fixed whatever was wrong and my AV has now been running fine for about 6 hours, so credit to them for that. I can't find the link that took me to McAfee so apologies for that. Told you I wasn't computer savy!


                Good luck to those of you with problems like I had.

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                  I'm having the same problem on my laptop and it seems to me from the number of entries discussing this topic that McAfee has a known bug that has been going on for over a year. The scale of the problem is intimated by the fact that if you type into google "mcafee total protection r" it will autofill from the r to "mcafee total protection real time scanning won't stay on".


                  As someone who enjoys computers but has very little technical understanding, programs playing up are perhaps the most frustrating and dissatisfying experience possible. I resent the two hours I've wasted this weekend. The virtual technician has noticed that the real time scanner won't stay on but appears not to be fixing it - it has had a green bar flashing like Knight Rider's Kitt's bonnet for the past 90 minutes and I've concluded from reading other threads that it's probably not doing anything.


                  The fact that it is a widespread problem you would think McAfee would have an article explaining the problem and how to fix it but I can't find anything except for what's on these forums. In the absence of a clear statement from McAfee on how to fix this common problem it means my frustration is exacerbated by the belief that I'm dealing with a product from a company that is in denial. I'll be looking at alternatives when it comes to my renewal.