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    Issue with Page cannot be displayed...



      I have noticed a issue in which I am having trouble tracking down.  Recently we deployed Web Gateway which replaced our Web Washer unit.  We have a Spam Filter in an Extranet Zone where users can login to with a web browser and add or remove SMTP addresses from thier white/black lists.  Users have not had issues accessing this server prior to deployment.


      If a user attempts to go to the Spam Filter's URL, the browser displays a "page could not be displayed."  If we then go to another site, say google.com and get that page to load and subsequently try the Spam Filter address again, it will connect.  In the access.log, I see the initial connection that fails does not have the user name but simply "".  Once the user goes to another site and then trys again which is successful, the access.log shows the username in the connection to the spam filter.  The URL to the spam filter is specific to the user and is as follows:  https://oscsacppt01.xxx.xxx/enduser/process.cgi?cmd=editprofile&recipient=user.n ame@xxx.xxx&msg_id=(OTc4YmViYmY2N2JmOg==)&locale=enus


      The access.log contains the following entrys:

      [03/Jun/2011:08:54:08 -0700] "" 302 "CONNECT https://oscsacppt01.xxx.xxx HTTP/1.0" "" "-" "" 2830 "" "" "0"  (Failed Attempt)

      [03/Jun/2011:08:54:37 -0700] "JohnDoe" 200 "CONNECT https://oscsacppt01.xxx.xxx HTTP/1.0" "Government/Military" "Minimal Risk" "" 2715 "" "" "0" (Successful Connection)

      [03/Jun/2011:08:54:39 -0700] "JohnDoe" 200 "CONNECT https://oscsacppt01.xxx.xxx HTTP/1.0" "Government/Military" "Minimal Risk" "" 145 "" "" "0" (Successful Connection)


      I am seeing this behavior as well at this URL:



      [03/Jun/2011:08:14:10 -0700] "" 302 "CONNECT https://ecat.em.att.com HTTP/1.0" "" "-" "" 2815 "" "" "0" (Failed Attempt)

      [03/Jun/2011:08:14:25 -0700] "JohnDoei" 200 "CONNECT https://ecat.em.att.com HTTP/1.0" "Internet Services" "Minimal Risk" "" 3395 "" "" "0" (Successful Connection)


      I am curious if anyone else has run across this behavior?



      Transparent Proxy

      NTLM Authentication