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    Product Enhancement Portal

    Attila Polinger



      I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, yet I hope I get some answer.

      I' ve been posting PERs/FMRs on this portal for over a year now but I could not figure out the logic of handling such FMRs. Some of them just stand there for over a year now with a Not yet Reviewed or Under Review status.

      Some other became Under Review just the day after I posted them. Not one of them has a status of anything but these two. No questions from evaluation staff, no notes, nothing.


      I can imagine people assigned to do this job are overloaded, but iI find it strange for a FMR to be Under Review for over a year or not getting any interest at all. These FMRs did not lose actuality and some of them seem simple (really)


      I'd like to see some change, even a Rejected or similar, but where/whom can I complain/ask?